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What is Adventure Clubs?

Adventure Clubs is a brand new feature on mobile that lets you play directly with your friends. Earn loads of free coins, energy and cash by working together to uncover clues. And there’s more! Collect Adventure Club points with your friends for exclusive rewards and decorations!

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Play with friends

Join the community, build a clan and discover a new way to play together!

Play on any device

Synchronize your game by connecting to Facebook and play on any device: Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet.

Get free gifts

Join friends to uncover loads of free gifts, rewards and exclusive decorations!

What are players saying?


“Looking forward to the day I don’t have to use my desktop or laptop to check in on the club”


“Our team of five works well, we communicate, we don’t have to rush. […] Now that we're all friends it adds another element of competiton”


“I am president of a really good team and it has livened the game up for me.”